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Don't waste any more time searching for the perfect apartment on your own. Let Gerald Enriquez, an expert apartment locator, help you find your dream home today!

Gerald Enriquez

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I thought I found the perfect apartment - checked with Gerald and same day he found a brand new apartment in a more desirable location for me with all the latest smart technology at a much better price, wow!  I recommend using him to make your apartment search more efficient. 

James p.

I was not expecting to get much for my budget, so when Gerald found me the apartment that had everything I wanted, it also had an elevator which I really liked.  I got more than I was expecting thanks to Gerald.  Thanks Gerald!

Mary W.


what is an apartment locator?

Here in Texas, an apartment locator is required to be a licensed real estate agent with TREC, Texas Real Estate Commission.  So an apartment locator is a professional who assists their clients to find the apartment that meets their criteria.  We like to think of it as a courtesy concierge service.  Yes, you can go and do all of this on your own and spend hours searching the internet just to get frustrated.  Our database has much more information than you will find on any public apartment websites.  This allows to filter out and target the apartments that fit your criteria which makes a much more efficient search process for our clients.  Call or email us for more information.  

How much do you charge and if you say FREE then how do you get paid?

That's a great question and the answer is that we do not charge you anything.  You pay us nothing.  You may hear many locators say we work for free, that is untrue - we get paid by the apartment's marketing budget as we are licensed agents here in Texas.   In order for us to get paid, our information must be on the guest cards and applications when you apply for your apartment.  We only get paid well after you move in.  Your best interest is our best interest.  The rents will not be affected by using us, rents are public, so even if you did all this on your own - they will still charge you the same as without using us.  This is why you will hear the phrase, "We provide a free service", because this service does not cost you any extra.  Call or email us for more information.  

Can you find me move in specials?

Short answer is absolutely yes.  Our database is updated by the apartments themselves so many times the specials may not even be advertised publicly but our database will let us know who and what the specials are such as up to 6 weeks off rent, waived deposits and fees.  One thing to note is that many brand new apartments run specials to expedite filling their vacancy.  Keep in mind, the market is still moving fast so everything such as rent rates, fees, availability and specials are subject to change due to market.  That is beyond our control but we do have all the latest updates from the apartments.  Call or email us for more information.  

Ok, so how does it work

Very simple, contact us and we collaborate on your needs in an apartment and gather some details that will help us expedite your search.  We will let you know your options based on this information and we work with you til you apply, sign the lease and move in.  We aim to provide this service to you that is 1st class in order that you may refer others to us.  If you are ready to rent in the next 60 days, contact us now - we be happy to be of service to you.