What Can Disqualify You From Renting An Apartment?

What can disqualify you from renting an apartment?  Finding an apartment that you love is an exciting experience, but it's important to remember that apartments want to rent to tenants who can pay rent on time and take good care of their unit.

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(00:00) "So what can get you disqualified from renting in an apartment?  The apartment's going to be doing two things, they're going to be running a background check and a credit check.  Now if something pops up on one of those reports that you didn't previously disclose, maybe such as an eviction.  That may very well get you disqualified very quick, because you weren't forthcoming with it and you didn't disclose it in the beginning.  However; just because you have an eviction on your record that does not necessarily mean you're disqualified.

Be Transparent

(00:26) You see, that apartment may have very well worked with people who had evictions.  Because you didn't disclose it, they may very well disqualify you and it gets a little bit tricky to explain.  Let me show you here instead, all right so hold on all right - by the way my name is Gerald and I help people find apartments and my service to use absolutely free.  The reason being is because we get compensated by the apartments marketing budget.  What's in front of you right now is one of the main reasons why.  We were asking or we were talking about
(00:52) what disqualifies you.  

The DataBase

This is part of a screenshot of a database that's fed by all apartments here in DFW right now.  You're not going to find this information on these online apartment websites where you go and searching.  More than likely, you'll have to contact the apartments to find all this information.  What we do here is - we make it efficient for you by finding out this information and line you up with apartments that you can pre-qualify for in the beginning and that way we just cull out all the ones that that are
(01:23) not a good fit for you.  The more or should I say the less that you have on your background and your credit check the more options you have.  Right now, this is all red, but but don't go nowhere, I'm gonna show you something else here in a second.  This particular apartment; here's the criteria for the felony, eviction, misdemeanors, broken leases, foreclosures, and bankruptcies.  You'll see this right here - it says, not accepted.  This means if any of this shows up after you apply you you'll be disqualified right away.

Income Requirements

(01:53) It doesn't matter, you can't talk them into it - this is why they give us this information.  If you have something, that doesn't necessarily mean you don't qualify for apartments, it's just not this apartment in particular.  Now, you'll also notice income requirements, this one requires three times the monthly rent.  When we ask you, what is your gross monthly income.  It's not that we're trying to be nosy we just want to make sure that you you do qualify.  Let's say, you make five or if you tell us you
(02:18) make five thousand dollars a month.  You say you can afford up to two thousand dollars in rent.  We wouldn't steer you towards it because you need to make three times the rent.  You need to make about six thousand dollars, however if there's an apartment like this that says two and a half times the rent.  Your two thousand dollars, you would meet that requirement as your income would be within that requirement.  All right so here's a few other things.  

Other Apartment Fees

(02:42) The parking fees and your pet policies, but here's the other part I want to show you right here - this particular one here has no promotions and a lot of them do have promotions.  Again we as apartment locators do have access to this this type of information to help you find the best deals.  All right now hold on, going to show you something else let me show you this next one because I know this one was a lot of red.  

Apartments Working With Challenges

Boom!  Here you go,  this one has it all green and it says okay.  Look what it says right here, it says background check required so even though
(03:09) it may say okay it doesn't necessarily mean yes to any felony or yes to any eviction or yes to any of these right here.  This more than likely means that it's going to be dependent.  Meet certain stipulations like maybe a certain type of felony or maybe a certain age of an eviction or maybe if the broken lease has been paid or in the process.  Whatever the case may be, they're just trying to tell you they will work with you as long as probably you're getting those issues resolved.  
(03:40) And, you'll notice right here, this one says income requirement of two and a half times the rent.  Here again, if you're making the five thousand and you want up to 2,000 rent that you could say you can afford, then you can qualify for this one right here.  

Access to Apartment Specials

You'll notice right here, this one here, it's got 100% off rent for one and a half months on a 12 month lease.  That's one and a half months free rent pretty much - is what they're saying.  That is, if you sign a 12 month lease and provided you qualify for everything.  
(04:06) Notice the miscellaneous pet deposits and fees here and it also gives you a little bit more information on app fees admin fees and the actual rents on the apartments.  All right hold, don't go - okay so I'm not sure where you are in the process of finding yourself an apartment.  If you've been looking for a while and you're getting frustrated by all means reach out to me.  I got my contact information below in the description, feel free to just give me a call send me a text or send me an email.  
(04:35) There'll also be a link to a form in there as well if you want to go that route.  We'll get together and find you something as soon as possible.  All right, so you can stop looking around.  Also, if you're just starting out and you know that you got a clean background and you get excellent credit and you're making good money and you you want the certain apartment.  I want you to feel free to reach out, the reason being is because this service is free to you because we get paid by the apartments marketing budget.
(04:59) Once again now, it's not going to change your rent.  If you just go straight into your apartment, what they're going to do is - if you qualify yes they're going to try to sell you on their apartment.  Now, you may very well have that same apartment right across the street.  If it was a different apartment complex that may be offering a month free or six weeks free, or a reduction in monthly rent.  I had that happen to one of my clients, they found something.

Case Study

(05:22) They said, you know what Gerald, we've found one all right, we already found one.  He told me, I really appreciate your help but we're just going to go with this one over here.  I asked him - do you know where was it and ask them a little bit of information.  Well he he didn't tell me about something prior.  Kindly, I told him, just giving few minutes of which he did.  Very quickly, I went out and found something that was newer - about 10 years, these are brand new apartments.  Thes, I called "smart departments", because they had everything.
(05:47) Was digital everything and the smart stuff on there, the Wi-Fi. Everything's Resort style and it saved him on the monthly rent as well as the the free month of rent.  

More Than Satisfied Client

He was excited about that and that's what I'm talking about as far as how we can help you get the best deal out there for you.  All right, so feel free to reach out to us and we can make this as efficient as possible for you.  All right, I hope all this information helped.  Take care and have a blessed day."

As a professional apartment locator, I've seen a lot of situations where potential renters have been disqualified due to various factors. In this article, I'll be sharing some key things to keep in mind when applying for an apartment.

Apartment Rental Application

The first and most important thing to remember when applying for an apartment is to always complete the application with true and accurate information. Incomplete, inaccurate or false information may result in a quick disqualification. Make sure to double check your application before submitting it.

Verifiable Income and Credit Check

Most apartments require verifiable income of 3x the monthly rent, but some may require less and others may require more. Additionally, some apartments may require a minimum credit score and others will review your credit report and just want to know if you are able to pay rent according to their standards. In some cases, paying a higher security deposit may be required depending on your credit report. For more info see video:  Income Requirements  

Apartment Background Checks

Background checks are a standard part of the apartment application process. Some apartments will not accept any record of felonies, evictions, misdemeanors, broken leases, foreclosures, and bankruptcies, while others may accept with certain conditions met. What is acceptable or not on background checks will vary from apartment to apartment, so it's important to be upfront about your history.

Apartment Locator Service

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the apartment search process, consider working with an apartment locator. An apartment locator can help you find the perfect apartment while using filters, saving you time and money. The best part is, apartment locators get paid by the apartments, so there's no payment required from you as a client.  Contact Us Now

Summary on What Can Disqualify You From Renting an Apartment

In summary, when applying for an apartment, it's important to complete the application with accurate information, have a verifiable income and good credit, and be upfront about any background issues. Working with an apartment locator can also be a great way to simplify the apartment search process and find the perfect apartment for you. Remember, apartments want to rent to you, but they need to know that you can qualify and make a good tenant. So, keep these tips in mind and happy apartment hunting!